How to get someone’s attention

Are you crushing on somebody right now? But they barely know you exist? Obviously, you need to just be yourself and not change who you are to get their attention. However, it doesn’t hurt to put in a little effort when you want to look your best and possibly catch the eyes of your crush. Here are a few tips on how to impress.

Highlight your best features

First, you need to be happy with how you already look. Everyone loves a girl who is comfortable in her own skin. Remember to relax in the company of your crush, so they can see what a chill and cool girl you are. The best makeup you can wear is a smile. Don’t forget to smile – it’s a natural facelift and it brings out the sparkles in your eyes. If you want to wear makeup, you should research the tricks that highlights your features the best. That way, you are not really changing yourself – you are just highlighting what is already beautiful about your face.

Dress up

Are you meeting at a party? Don’t be afraid to dress up. You deserve to feel confident. When picking out clothing, again, it should highlight your best features. Yet, it should still be something you feel comfortable in. Otherwise, it will show that you feel uneasy.

Maybe it’s time for an upgrade for your wardrobe? Go online and find some fancy dresses, cool heels and eye-catching jewelry. The Internet is full of options for all occasions. Many online shopping websites are booming with clothing and shoes for women, so you can just dive right in. Remember to challenge yourself – maybe pick something you wouldn’t normally have the courage to wear.

Maintain eye contact

When you have caught the eyes of your crush, engage in conversation! It can be very frightening to suddenly stand in front of someone you like, but you should remember to breathe and relax. Fake it if you must. Try to maintain eye contact as naturally as possible. Don’t forget to listen to what they are saying – this way, you can ask follow-up questions. If you get the courage to do so, try and touch his or hers arm occasionally. Just give it a natural squeeze or tap when the opportunity presents itself.

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